I’m Michael Cypher, a backend software engineer based in San Francisco. I live here with my wife, Harriet, and our dog, Winnie.

I’m a dual American and Spanish citizen. My first few years involved a lot of moving between the U.S. and Spain before I settled in Dubai, where I attended a English school. I spent the last two years of high school at Charterhouse in the U.K., and attended university at Imperial College London where I got my Masters in Computer Science.


I’m currently a backend software engineer working on messaging at Yelp. I’m pretty apt with Python, Pyramid (similar to Flask), Swagger (or OpenAPI v2.0), SQLAlchemy, MySql, Docker and Git, as I use these most days. I’m also familiar with JavaScript, React and the Cheetah template engine. I live in the terminal and heavily use Vim and tmux. Before we moved to Slack, I used Irssi as my IRC client.

Previously, I interned as a software engineer at Bank of America Merill Lynch, where I worked on a few small projects mostly in Python and Java.


I’m interested in software development, security and privacy (check out some of the blog posts I’ve penned!). At university, I was interested in and studied compilers, software reliability, distributed systems, networks, security and cryptography.

I also love travelling and I’m making it my goal to explore the Americas while I’m here. I also enjoy frequenting restaurants with my wife, Harriet, and watching movies.


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