Courses Taken

Here’s a fine list of (technology-focused) courses I’ve taken over the past few years. At the moment, the only courses included are the ones I took while studying at Imperial College London, but I’m hoping to expand the list. I’ve starred the ones I particularly enjojyed.


Hardware and Architecture,
Logic and Reasoning about Programs,
Mathematical Methods and Discrete Mathematics,

Software Engineering Algorithms,
Operating Systems,
Networks and Communications,
Software Engineering Design,
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,
Computational Techniques,
Models of Computation,
Human-Centred Design,

Network and Web Security,
Scientific Computation,
Advanced Databases,
Simulation and Modelling,
Machine Learning,
Management and Business for Computing Engineers,
Pervasive Computing,

Advanced Compilers,
Advanced Issues in Object Oriented Programming,
Software Engineering for Industry,
Knowledge Representation,
Software Reliability,
Large Scale Data Management,
Privacy Enhancing Techniques,
Cryptography Engineering,
Scalable Distributed Systems Design,


Ethical Hacking: SQL Injection,
Ethical Hacking: Reconnaissance/Footprinting,
Play by Play: Ethical Hacking with Troy Hunt,
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