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I’ve been using NordVPN full-time now for a couple weeks (post-FCC privacy rules) and wanted to praise one of it’s features… the Kill Switch.

NordVPN’s Kill Switch feature lets users configure a list of applications to shutdown automatically when you disconnect from the VPN. This theoretically prevents accidental exposure of sensitive data and I have it currently set to kill Chrome, TorBrowser and LimeChat.

NordVPN's Kill Switch feature

NordVPN also claims to have a Strict No Logs Policy and doesn’t appear to leak your DNS queries or IP address according to tests I ran using dnsleaktest and ipleak. So far, my only concern is that NordVPN “does not support IPv6”. This might mean that IPv6 addresses are leaked, I’m not sure. Let’s hope they fix this in 2017.

I am generally pretty pleased with NordVPN, but I did purchase a $69 1-year plan (so I would expect to be pleased)! If you decide to purchase a NordVPN subscription based on what I’ve said, using this referral link should give you credits towards your subscription renewal!

For information on choosing a good VPN, checkout thatoneprivacysite.

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