Releasing cypher-jekyll-theme for great good!

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Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Nick Russo decided to use this website’s “theme” (really just the styling) for his own personal website! This finally convinced me to get around to properly creating and pushing it as a Jekyll theme, which I’ve named cypher-jekyll-theme. I’ve published it to RubyGems and open-sourced it on GitHub!

Curse the day W3C decided to ban infinitely recursive iframes!

Unfortunately, I made a mess of publishing my gem, which is why the first usable version is v0.1.9. I had some real issues with using the jekyll-feed plugin in the theme and solving this required:

  1. installing and using Travis CI (which didn’t help as my build succeeded)
  2. emailing GiHub support for better build error logs

Thankfully, I fixed it by adding the plugin dependency in the _config.yml file within my site repo (not theme repo). I’ve yank’d the previous versions, so they’re not available for download, but I wasn’t able to republish the gem with the same version. I’m not too bothered about releasing cypher-jekyll-theme as v0.1.9 but if you happen to know how to republish gems with the same version, hit me up! I would very much like to avoid this in the future.


To install this theme:

  1. add gem "cypher-jekyll-theme" to your Gemfile
  2. add theme: cypher-jekyll-theme or remote_theme: mikeecb/cypher-jekyll-theme, if you’re using Github Pages, to your _config.yml file
  3. execute bundle or intall the gem yourself by running gem install cypher-jekyll-theme


To use the theme,

  1. create a or index.html file that uses the _layout/home.html layout
  2. override the _include/about_preview.html and _include/contact.html files to populate the “About” and “Contact” sections on your homepage
  3. (Optionally) create a or 404.html file that uses the _layout/not_found.html layout
  4. (Important) add the jekyll-feed plugin explicitly in your _config.yaml
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